Getting Started

All videos and documents on this page can also be found in the SBN Library.


1. Print and read the Website Instructions Guide and Nutrition Office Manual
Reviewing Website Instruction Guide will help you become familiar with this website. The Nutrition Office Manual provides comprehensive instructions on the entire SBN program.

Download: Website Instructions Guide | Nutrition Office Manual

2. Review the Training Videos
The videos are 3-4 minutes in length. Click the Training Videos link in the Member Menu to the right.

3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions Page
99% of the questions we receive are covered here. Click the FAQ link in the Member Menu to the right.

Processing Your First Patient

1. Download and customize the forms below.
These are to be filled out by your patients before they arrive at your office for their appointments. Refer to the Nutrition Office Manual, page 6 for more detailed instruction.

Download: New Patient Letter | New Patient Questionnaire | Patient Symptom Survey

2. Create the patient file in your Analysis & Reporting account.
Once your patient has completed their visit and has agreed to perform the testing, login to your account and create the patient file. This step must be done before the lab results are sent to our office.

Watch training video on data entry: Premier Metabolic Analysis: Data Entry & Reporting

If you do not create the patient profile before the results are sent from the lab, we will not be able to match the results to your patient and notify you that the results have arrived. We recommend creating the patient profile BEFORE the patient goes to the lab.

Refer to the Nutrition Office Manual, page 14 for more detailed instruction. For more information about SBN testing procedures and protocols, refer to the Nutrition Office Manual, pages 9-14.

3. Results Are Posted/Report Generated
You will receive an email notification when your patient’s results are posted to your online account. Upon receiving your patient’s results, please follow the instructions within the Analysis and Reporting Instructions document.

Download: New Analysis and Reporting

Watch training video on data entry: Premier Metabolic Analysis: In Depth

Additional training videos are located on the SBN Library.

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