There’s so much to know and so much to learn that can help not only yourself but your patients too! From running a business to nutritional advice, I thought it was important to share some of these thoughts with all of you! Stay tuned!

~Dr. Van D. Merkle

Consider SBN in 2024

Why use SBN? With 30+ years in business, over 700 members nationwide, and over 200,000 patients, SBN can can help you with the most severe cases!

April 24,  2024

Patient doesn’t need meds after 2 weeks with Take2!

In today’s radio show we discuss a patient with hypertension, high cholesterol, ED, depression, upset stomach and on 3 meds! This was easy to fix and after only 2 weeks the patient doens’t need their drugs! We also discuss what is probably responsible for very high infant deaths in the US, an Alzheimer’s article in AARP March 2024 vs. natural options as well as knee replacements, knee injection or natural options…PEMF, Baxyl, glucoamine sulfate and avoid caffeine and sugar.

April 20, 2024

Cancer – what can we do?

We do not treat or cure cancer but your body can treat and cure itself! Some research has shown that we get 100-1,000 possibilities of cancer every day. This means that keeping an eye on your cancer markers can be key to keeping you healthy. If you have cancer we have protocols in place that can improve your odds in beating it. Listen to today’s show to learn what we can do to help you!

April 13,  2024

The Easter Show!

Radio Show from 3-30-2024. In today’s show we will take a look at a case of a multiple sclerosis patient. She was put an a diet and protocol targeting lead and mercury. Over time she was able to walk again and even go down stairs! Her ophthalmologist also no longer recommended cataract surgery!

March 30, 2024

The Future of Science Based Nutrition

2024 is going to be a big year for SBN! We have several new things planned like our 2024 SBN Symposium currently scheduled for October, SBN lectures and partnering with Fetterman Events and a few other surprises! 

January 11, 2024

Live with the Take2 Staff!

Today is a special show! We have a few of our Take2 staff workers on the show with us today! We discuss what exactly we do at Take2, the services we offer and what it’s like to be a Take2 patient.

January 06, 2024

How you feel is no indication of how healthy you are!

Have you ever met someone who was fine one day and suddenly type 1 diabetic or in liver failure seemingly over night?

December 30, 2023

Some thoughts on insurance and a great way to remain a cash based practice in light of an insurance payment.

July 16, 2023

Let’s catch up on a previous patient who has chronic pancreatitis and see how they are doing now.

July 16, 2023

A 14 year old with low c-peptide

What could low c-peptide in a 14 year old male mean? What testing should be done and what should you look for in his test results?

May 24, 2023

A Brand New Seminar From SBN!

SBN has a new lecture! In this 12 hour seminar we focus on oral chelation, the thyroid, hormones, and PEMF (pulse electromagnetic frequency.) Join us! Visit to register today!

May 11, 2023

Safety in Genetic Testing?

What kind of safety is there in genetic testing? What safety protocols are in place and who is making the vaccines? Find out this and more in today’s Ask an Expert radio show with Dr. Van D. Merkle!

May 6, 2023

Maybe there is a safe natural solution to your health problem

Our goal isn’t to take you off your medications, but to get your body healthy enough to not need them anymore. In today’s show we discuss a Take2 patient who had their MS symptoms clear up!

April 8, 2023

Your body needs to be healthy

In today’s show we discuss a 68 year old man with a testosterone of 158. After visiting Take2, his testosterone nearly doubled to 301. We can do much more than this and in today’s show Dr. Merkle will go over a few of these cases.

March 25, 2023

Be Active be healthy

Being active is excellent for our health, but injuring ourselves in the process isn’t! This could be something as minor as pulling a muscle or as major as severe heart problems. This morning Dr. Merkle takes us though supplements for an active body as well as some tests that Take2 Healthcare can have ran that take a look inside your body!

February 23, 2023

Start Feeling Better Today!

Testing can find many things! Good comprehensive blood testing is your key to finding out what is wrong with your body and what is causing your ailments and disease. Take2 Healthcare specializes in testing for heavy metals and other imbalances that can impair your bodies ability to efficiently eliminate toxic elements, in particular heavy metals. Listen to today’s radio show to learn much more!

January 7, 2023

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